LearnWe live in an era of specialization. From an early age, we’re encouraged (and sometimes forced) to choose a singular skillset that’s supposed to see us through a lifelong career. Meanwhile, our basic needs–like food, medicine, clothing, and shelter–are left to others, often in distant countries, to farm, create, or construct. In the aisles of big-box stores stocked with cheap plastic goods, we are disconnected from simple beauty and craftsmanship. And if we end up working in a job that involves staring at a backlit computer screen for eight or nine hours a day, we are disconnected from nature…there’s no weather inside a cubicle.

So what’s the remedy?

We believe that generalization is part of the answer. Regaining skills that we’ve lost over the last generation or two–like gardening, medicine-making, handcrafting, and homesteading–can contribute to an increased sense of purpose and even yield tangible health benefits. We can retake ownership of our food, of our health, and of our place in the world. We can be producers as well as consumers.

That’s where we’d like to be of service: we offer face-to-face classes on the farm and at local venues, free herb walks three times a year, e-learning options like e-courses and e-books for those who would like to learn at home, and how-to blog posts and free downloads you can begin using immediately. We’re also constantly updating our Herbal Resources page with links to other farms, businesses, herbalists, blogs, books, and more that we think you might find useful.

Our primary focuses are herbal education and basic gardening skills, though from time to time we also offer classes on some of our favorite homesteading activities like fiber arts and keeping chickens. We hope to equip others with vital skills by sharing our experiences (and our mistakes!) and kindle a can-do attitude. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve been told you can or can’t do in the past: these kinds of skills are for everyone.

Ready to expand your horizons and acquire some new skills? Check out our resources in the sidebar!