Meredith Mizell
Farm Manager

Meredith is the manager of Red Fern Farm, where she’s been picking up rocks and cuddling chickens since 1996. After a brief and unfulfilling career in corporate graphic design, she returned to work full-time on the farm and supervises our day-to-day operations, volunteers and apprentices, marketing and design, and more. An avid student of herbalism, she has attended the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism and is currently studying through the Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center. Meredith also harbors an obsession with natural building techniques and clawhammer banjo; someday you’ll find her sitting outside of a little cob cottage on the farm and strumming “Cluck Ol’ Hen.”

Katherine Mizell

A Certified Master Gardener for more than 20 years, Katherine bridges the gap between the garden and livestock sides of our farm with her extensive growing experience and love of animals. Her green thumb knows no bounds in the greenhouse, where she is our seed-starting guru. She has a special interest in unusual and heirloom vegetable and herb varieties, as well as heritage chicken breeds. We also rely on her encyclopedic knowledge in the kitchen, where she regularly whips up delicious meals with our meat, herbs, and produce. Katherine has recently developed a love for artisan baking and her traditional Lacto-fermented sourdough loaves are always in demand.

Clark Mizell

With an extensive background in accounting, Clark juggles a day job, the management of our livestock and pasture, and the farm’s financials. In the pasture, he cares for our Tunis sheep and other livestock by utilizing a rotational grazing system, selecting and breeding stock for the healthiest animals and best flavor, and maintaining flock health through regular physical check-ups, hoof trimming, and yearly shearing. Clark is also our resident soil and grass expert, and although he tends to stick to the pasture rather than the garden, he enjoys watching Top Chef and has almost gotten to the point where he’ll eat beans.