Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries

Are you a restauranteur or retailer interested in carrying our products? Read on to find out what local means to us.

Defining “Local” Food
One of our core values is participation in the re-establishment of our local food economy. Ask ten different people what “local” food means to them and you’ll likely get ten different answers, but here’s ours: our products are local to all points within an 85-mile radius of the farm. So if your establishment falls within the green circle on the map above, we would love to hear from you about how we might form a partnership.

Products Available for WholesaleBecause we are committed to growing in accordance with natural cycles, the availability of the following products will vary based on the time of year. If you’re interested in carrying our products, please get in touch for more information about what’s in season.      + Grass-fed Tunis lamb (whole carcass only)     + Herbal salves and soaps     + Herb crafts

+ Wool goods: handspun yarn, roving, and fleeces

Grass-Fed Lamb
A special note about our grass-fed lamb: since it is processed in an SCDA-inspected facility versus a USDA-inspected facility, we cannot deliver or ship our lamb across state lines. However, out-of-state customers are welcome to visit the farm to purchase lamb.